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Instructions for use of bushing
Aug 28, 2018

1. Installation of bushing: the expansion sleeve has been coated with lubricating oil when it is out of factory, and can be directly installed and used. Firstly, three bolts are screwed into the bolt hole of the flange of the other part to distribute evenly along the circumference, and the inner sleeve and the outer sleeve are jacked. Then the expanding sleeve is placed in the hub hole of the design position, and the bolt is tightened by hand with the force measuring plate. The tightening method is that each bolt is only tightened to 1/4 of the rated torque at a time. The tightening sequence is bounded by the slit, and the left and right cross symmetrical tighten in turn to ensure that the rated torque is reached.

2. Dismantling of bushing: loosening all bolts for several times while removing. Then screw the bolt top loose sleeve in the dismantling screw hole.

3. Protection of bushing: prevent expansion from contamination during installation. In open-air operation or poor working environment of the machine, should be regularly exposed to the end of the expansion sleeve and bolt coated with anti-rust grease, should choose a better anti-rust expansion sleeve type. The expansion joint is a new type of advanced mechanical foundation in modern times. Nowadays, it is widely used in the world to realize the connection of machine parts and shafts. It is a new type of key-free coupling device to realize the load transfer by tightening the pressure and friction between the containment surfaces caused by 12.9 grade high strength screws.

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